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IGNOU Re-registration for July 2021 Cycle is Open!

IGNOU has opened the re-registration portal for students in the July cycle of admissions. The last date for re-registration is June 15, 2021.

If you have taken admission in January 2020 or January 2021 session, you can disregard this notification as it is not applicable for you.

Who Needs to Re-register?

  • Bachelors Degree: 1st and 2nd Year Students

  • Masters Degree: 1st year students

  • Only Students who have taken admission in July 2020 session.

  • Students who have forgotten to re-register on time earlier.

Making mistakes while re-registering can cause you a lot of problems and you can even end up wasting an entire year! If you don't know how to re-register and you want us to do it for you, please contact us on WhatsApp for personal assistance. Please note this will be a chargeable service @ Rs. 250 for a one-time help with re-registration.

We will:

  • Fill your form accurately

  • Apply for any changes to study/regional centre online (only if required)

  • Guide you on which are the easiest subjects to pass,

  • Help you complete the payment formalities and finish re-registration for you over call.

  • Contact Us on WhatsApp for this service.


Did you Know we are coming up with revolutionary Guide books that will help working professionals and students like you pass your upcoming exams in by just reading 80-100 small pages? GURANTEED!

Key Features of this new Launch:

  • We have tied up with a software company to develop a complex algorithm that will accurately predict the questions that will come in your upcoming exams. This is achieved through historical data based on previous year question papers and assignment question papers.

  • The answers written in this book are easier to understand than the study material provided by IGNOU but is based on the study material itself so that you get the best marks.

  • Read 80 small pages to pass exams instead of IGNOUs 300+ page study material.

  • Important Parts of your syllabus will be ranked as per their importance and "Predictability Rating"

However, since there are over 2000 subjects in IGNOU - it will take us more than 6 months before all the subjects are ready and available. If you are looking to use these books for your June / December TEE then you can contact us to place a special order for your subject. It will be delivered to you within a week or two.

View a Sneak-Peak to what the book will look like:


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