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Well-researched & customized projects, synopsis, and dissertations starting at 750! 

Buy our Projects. Submit to IGNOU. Get Good Marks. Guaranteed.

200% Money-back Guarantee if you fail!

Yes. That's how much we trust our projects.

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Ready-made Projects

from ₹750/-

Customised Projects

from ₹2,000/-

View a Free Sample of a complete Project Synopsis & Report:

Project Synopsis

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Project Report

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Free Sample

Why do we trust our projects enough to give a 200% Money-back Guarantee?

All our projects are well-researched and have been made by industry experts using our internationally approved thesis template. The accurate material, our professionally built template, easy-to-understand structure of the content and the fact that we provide completely editable files makes us sure that you would never fail in your project. 

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Why Choose Gyaniversity Publications Projects?

Projects from Gyaniversity Publications

Verified and well-researched content.
Made by industry experts.

Fully editable word documents.

See sample before purchase.

Well-organised, beautiful and high quality design.

Projects from other Competitors

Unverified content leads to less marks.

Made by self or average students.
Locked PDFs with Watermark

Cannot see a sample before purchase.
Disorganized design and cheap quality template.

Best Pricing for Synopsis & Reports


from ₹750

You will get:

Ready-made pre-approved project

Sent via email instantly

Fully editable Project Synopsis
Fully editable Project Report
Instant download after payment.

Step-by-step guidance on how to submit


from ₹2,000

You will get:

Project made especially for you

Sent via email in 3-10 days

Fully editable Project Synopsis
Fully editable Project Report
Plagiarism-free and unique content.

Step-by-step guidance on how to submit

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