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The Ultimate Tools to ace your
UPSC Prelims

All Previous Year Solved Papers, Video Lectures, Access to 5000+ Quizzes & Detailed Notes

Limited Time Offer: ₹399/- only!

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UPSC Prelims Champion's Kit:
250+ Tests, 30,000+ Practice Questions, Videos & Notes 

The Ultimate UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Prep Course—your gateway to mastering the Prelims exams. This course is crafted with care, ensuring it’s fully packed with everything you need to cover the whole Prelims syllabus, from GS-1 to the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).

Limited Time Offer: ₹4999/- only!

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Features of the Guide Book


Solved Question Papers

Gain insights into the exam's evolving trends and patterns with 29+ years of past question papers from 1995-2023. Questions appear in the exact same format as they did in the question papers originally.


Features of the Champion's Kit


250+ Full-length Mock Tests

Dive into an extensive collection of mock tests—200+ for General Studies and 50+ for CSAT. After each test, you'll receive immediate scores and logical explanations for why every given answer choice is correct.

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OC Features
Buying Options

Guide Book Buying Options

Prepaid Hard Copy


Buy hard copies from our website with the lowest price guarantee!

COD Hard Copy


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Soft Copy


Read the soft copy flipbook online instantly after payment.

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Well-Researched Material

written in simple and effective language to help you understand and retain concepts more clearly.

Next Gen AI Technology

to analyse and interpret trends and marks distribution based on historical data from previous 29 QPs.

Read Online or Offline

Choose from a hard copy or an online ready-only soft copy version of the book depending on your preference.

Read Online
With the Soft Copy

  • Save money and get it at ​₹199/- only

  • Instant access after payment

  • Navigate the book easily with buttons

  • Bookmark, Highlight, Create Notes, etc.

  • Read online on phone, tablet, laptop

  • Cannot print-out due to copyright

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