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NIOS Study Guides

Contains up to 80% of your upcoming exam questions and answers in a small book!

Buy our Study Guides. Read 100 pages. Pass Your Exams. Guaranteed.

200% Money-back Guarantee if you fail!

Yes. That's how much we trust our books.

Why do we trust our books enough to give a 200% Money-back guarantee?

Our books have the backing of the latest technologies which have allowed us to accurately predict at least 60-80% of the questions that will come in your upcoming NIOS exams! Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we've compiled the extremely important questions & parts of the NIOS syllabus based on historical data from the past 10 years of question papers & assignments. 

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Why Choose Gyaniversity Study Guides?

Books from Gyaniversity Publications

Accurately predict upto 70% of upcoming questions.

Helps you study smart instead of studying hard.

NIOS Content re-written in simple English.

Just read 100-120 small pages to pass.

Well-organised, beautiful and high quality design.

Books from other Competitors

Unverified content leads to fewer marks.

Many Grammatical Errors, Spelling Mistakes.

Copy-pasted content from NIOS study material. 

Read more than 200-300 pages.

Disorganized design and cheap quality printing.

Pricing for Study Guides

Soft Copy 

From 150

Hard Copy 

From ₹200