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Last Date of Assignment Submission for June 2021 TEE Students extended to May 31, 2021

Great news for students who haven't submitted their assignments and projects yet!

Official Notification is Attached at the end of this post.

Owing to the lockdowns all over the country, students now have time until April 30th 2021 to submit their assignments. They can do so by online methods as prescribed by their regional centres. Check the regional centre website to know the details on how you have to submit.

If you need help in preparing your assignments, you can get professor verified assignments from our site at just Rs. 40 per assignment.

A very important point we would like to bring out to students - Please do not think you can buy a cheap scanned handwritten PDF and get away with it. IGNOU has been rejecting such assignments because the same handwriting is appearing in 1000s of submissions! If you want trusted personally written assignments, we offer those as well.

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Mu study centre is delhi 3, so for pca final on which email id I can submit my assignment? Please help

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