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PGD in Urban Planning and Development (PGDUPDL)

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development programme details

India has more than 30% of its people living in cities, making it the second largest urban system in the world. By 2025, it is expected that half of India's people will live in cities. The growth of cities has caused a lot of problems, like transportation, poverty, unemployment, and the growth of illegal housing colonies, slums, and squatter settlements. Because urban development issues don't get as much attention in high school and college curricula as they should, people don't really understand how important urban problems are. Because of this, PGDUPDL will help both the people who work on urban development programmes and the graduates who want to work in urban development. The people who get a Postgraduate Diploma will have all the skills they need to work for government and non-government organisations that help plan and develop cities. The programme also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of people already working in government, non-government, private, or corporate sectors on urban development projects and programmes. This includes functionaries and elected representatives of Municipal Councils, Corporations, Municipal and Nagar Panchayats; architects, city and town planners (Bachelors and Masters in Architecture, Planning, and Related Disciplines); civil engineers. This programme will also be helpful for new college graduates who want to work in urban development. The goals are to give learners a chance to learn more about urban development and to help working urban development professionals learn more about the theoretical and practical sides of urban planning and development. Another goal is to help professionals develop their knowledge and skills in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating urban development programmes.

PGDUPDL Course Details

PGDUPDL syllabus, fees, eligibility, programme co-ordinators, contact details, etc.





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Basic Course Information for IGNOU PGDUPDL Programme

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English & Hindi


1 Year


Rs. 6,000/- for full programme


Graduation in any discipline

Course Details

IGNOU PGD in Urban Planning and Development Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Prof. Nehal A. Farooquee, Prof. B.K. Pattanaik, P.V.K. Sasidhar

011-29571664, 011-29571662, 011-29571665

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