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PGD in Sustainability Science (PGDSS)

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science programme details

The PGDSS curriculum primarily focuses on the origins and guiding concepts of sustainable development, as well as on its instruments, implementation, and evaluation methodologies. The main goals of the programme are to give students the chance to learn more about sustainable development and the guiding principles of sustainability science, to build their capacities in a variety of theoretical and practical areas related to sustainable development, and to acquire professional knowledge and skills in the planning, carrying out, observing, and evaluating of projects and programmes related to sustainable development. PGDSS holders will be completely prepared to assist various Government agencies and NGOs working to improve the environment, development, and standard of living. The possible candidates for employment at the entry level, supervisory, and other middle level roles in the environment and development sector will be recent graduates who complete this diploma. The programme also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of in-service personnel handling various sustainable development projects and programmes in government and non-governmental organisations, private or corporate sectors, including employees of institutes/NGOs, private or corporate sectors; programme officers, project officers, research investigators, and research assistants dealing with the environment.

PGDSS Course Details

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