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PGD in HIV Medicine (PGDHIVM)

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine programme details

For MBBS doctors, the School of Health Sciences at IGNOU has created a one-year Post Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine in partnership with NACO. With contact sessions for hands-on skills training in the Medical College and a month of instruction in the ART Centers, this programme is being offered via remote learning. Three PSCs, B J Medical College in Ahmedabad, Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, and School of Tropical Medicine in Kolkata are offering the programme, which has been effectively running since 2012. The Medical Council of India regards this curriculum as Continuing Medical Education. The program's objectives are to impart thorough knowledge on the fundamentals of HIV in relation to the specifics of managing HIV/AIDS in a tertiary care setting, to manage all complications and opportunistic infections caused by HIV/AIDS when necessary, to recognise and handle emergencies related to HIV/AIDS and its complications, and to make bedside decisions for management when necessary.

PGDHIVM Course Details

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