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PGC in Adult Education (PGCAE)

IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education programme details

This programme seeks to give everyone the chance to pursue a short-term programme of professional development and capacity building in adult education. It will be helpful to recent graduates who are interested in working at the entry level as well as to those with a master's degree or even higher qualification who are interested in seeking a career at the middle or higher level in the field of adult education, extension, and related fields. The programme aims to advance professional competency and capacity building for everyone interested in adult education, extension, and related fields. It does this by helping participants gain knowledge and understanding of various aspects of adult education theory, policies, and programmes, as well as different strategies for setting up and running an adult learning environment. The programme also aims to increase participants' knowledge and comprehension of participatory curriculum planning, development, and implementation as well as participatory training, evaluation, and research in adult education. It also aims to improve participants' capacity to analyse, appreciate, and promote the role of adult education in various emerging social, economic, political, cultural, and other situations.

PGCAE Course Details

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