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MSc in Environmental Science (MSCENV)

IGNOU Master of Science (Environmental Science) programme details

The earth is having a hard time keeping up with the growing number of people. There are many problems with the environment, and they are all connected to each other in such a way that we need a comprehensive, scientific, and long-term plan for managing the environment. The goal of the Master of Science (Environmental Science) Program is to train people who have the skills to deal with the growing environmental and development problems and changes that come with moving toward a sustainable society. This show will explain the social and economic causes of pollution and the degradation of the natural environment, as well as the effects on people, the atmosphere, the ecosystem, and other living things. Learners will get the tools they need to build the skills they need to be able to evaluate environmental issues on their own. Learners will also be able to analyse and evaluate environmental systems and problems, come up with sustainable solutions to environmental problems, and help make policies and plans for planning the environment. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge that includes specialisations with a wide range of fields of study. In these specialisations, students will learn how to deal with the challenges of maintaining the integrity of the environment for sustainable development in relation to human activities.
The goal of the programme is to give learners knowledge and understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological processes of the environment, to introduce them to the theoretical principles of air, water, and soil pollution and monitoring systems, to stress the principles and practises of sustainable natural resources management and environmental management, and to teach them about impact assessment, environmental audit, and life cycle assessment.

MSCENV Course Details

MSCENV syllabus, fees, eligibility, programme co-ordinators, contact details, etc.





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Basic Course Information for IGNOU MSCENV Programme

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2 Years


Rs. 7500/- per year


Bachelor‘s degree in any discipline Science/Engineering/Agricultural Science/Forestry/Veterinary Science from a recognized University

Course Details

IGNOU MSc in Environmental Science Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Prof. Shachi Shah, Dr. V. Venkat Ramanan, Dr. Deeksha Dave

011-29573380, 011-29571121

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