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MA in Gender and Development Studies (MAGD)

IGNOU Master of Arts (Gender and Development Studies) programme details

The programme may appeal to academics, researchers, trainers, facilitators, supervisors, gender and development workers, government employees, and bankers. Development policies impact men and women differently. This requires knowledge of the "gender gap" in resources, rights, privileges, and choices. The "gender gap" in key development sectors must be addressed. Men and women are now encouraged to participate in development. This will create a gender-sensitive development framework and reshape development theory and practise toward "improved living standards, socially responsible management and use of resources, elimination of gender subordination and socioeconomic inequality, and promotion of the organisational restructuring needed to bring about desired change." Most NGOs prioritise gender issues. Government agencies are emphasising gender equality and taking positive, affirmative steps toward it. Most now agree that development plans, programmes, and policies must consider gender. More people are concerned about how women are left alone in "soft" sectors like education, work, and development instead of putting gender issues at the centre of all organisations, institutions, and activities. The 38 IGNOU Common Prospectus national goals and the UN millennium/sustainable development goals cannot be achieved without gender equality. Use multiple methods to achieve gender equality and equity. Creating and improving educational programmes that equip practitioners and policymakers with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in this area is crucial. Analyzing and critically evaluating development interventions and promoting gender-sensitive/gender-based research and action can start with Master's/Postgraduate Diploma programmes. The planned positive affirmative action focus was crucial.

MAGD Course Details

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Basic Course Information for IGNOU MAGD Programme

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English & Hindi


2 Years


Rs. 12000/-


Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University

Course Details

IGNOU MA in Gender and Development Studies Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Dr. G. Uma


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