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Diploma in Event Management (DEVMT)

IGNOU Diploma in Event Management programme details

The goal of the Diploma in Event Management is to give students the information and abilities they need to succeed in one of the most interesting and quickly expanding industries, the event industry. The "business of experiences" is another name for the multimillion dollar sector known as event management. A gathering of people to plan, carry out, and take part in an experience is called an event. Every industry, whether it be a corporate group, a charity organisation, or a society, arranges events of a certain size or type to advertise themselves, forge commercial connections, to raise money, to celebrate, or all of the above. In addition to theme-based, dramatic, and larger-than-life social and cultural events, we may now witness technology at the conventional neighbourhood get-togethers, festivals, fairs, and parades. Along with these, we also host business events including meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibits, (MICE), activations, brand promotions, Intellectual Property, managed events, digital and rural events, sports, entertainment, charity events, and much more. Today's events influence numerous businesses, towns, regions, and nations economically and socially, creating demands and possibilities on a worldwide scale. Event management blends creativity, knowledge, and experience as a quickly developing profession. Therefore, there is a need for more specialised education to close the gap between the increasing demand for qualified experts and their supply. For students who are interested in a career in event management, this programme offers a rare chance. The young people who want to develop their abilities and express their originality in this area will find it valuable as well. This Diploma programme will give learners a thorough understanding of the competencies necessary for a professional event manager, event coordinator, or event planner, regardless of whether they are preparing to enter this profession, preparing for advancement within it, preparing to launch their own entrepreneurial venture, or preparing for certification as a professional.

DEVMT Course Details

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Basic Course Information for IGNOU DEVMT Programme

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1 Year


Rs. 8,000/- for full programme


10+2 or its equivalent

Course Details

IGNOU Diploma in Event Management Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Dr. Heena K. Bijli

011-29536347, 29572946

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