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Certificate in Gender in Law (CGSL)

IGNOU Certificate in Gender in Law programme details

A Certificate Programme in Gender in Law was created by the School of Gender and Development Studies in partnership with the School of Law at IGNOU. As you are aware, gender has been a major topic of discussion both internationally and nationally. The impact of the intersections of gender, law, and justice is being investigated by policy regime. The discourses of socio-political places with numerous marginalizations are addressed in this curriculum. It also looks into the factors that contribute to the various forms of oppression and exclusion experienced by different groups of women and other groups. India is going through a significant shift as a developing nation. All Indian citizens are given equal rights under the Indian Constitution. On the other hand, when one considers the condition of women, marginalised groups, and so forth, we may claim that they experience a variety of types of discrimination and stigma across different social strata. Law-driven social transformation and societal control through customs coexist paradoxically as well. By providing gendered critique to legal theoretical formulations and practises, feminist groups in India and around the world are critically examining the realm of national and international law. To ensure justice and equity for all genders, they assess newly passed, revised, and existing legislation in the perspective of gender. This programme will look into the many facets of gender and law in the context of India by tackling the fundamentals of key themes like comprehending the Indian legal system, sex and gender differences, multiple sexualities, patriarchy in law, heteronormativity in law, equality and discrimination in law, gender-based violence (domestic, sexual, communal, caste, conflict, violence against LGBTI, etc.), and so on. Additionally, it will deepen our understanding of government and gender.

CGSL Course Details

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Basic Course Information for IGNOU CGSL Programme

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6 months


Rs. 2,500/- for full programme


10+2 or Equivalent

Course Details

IGNOU Certificate in Gender in Law Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Dr. Smita M. Patil, Dr. Gurmeet Kaur

011-29571618, 011-29572984

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