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Certificate in Gender Science (CGSCI)

IGNOU Certificate in Gender Science programme details

The foundation of modern science is both positivistic and patriarchal. It removed all other types of knowledge, including feminist knowledge, from the definition of knowledge itself by making objectivity the primary requirement of reason. Feminists have therefore attacked it by exposing its masculinist viewpoint. They provided a different perspective on science, known as viewpoint theory. This perspective on science promotes human happiness through generating knowledge for all. Women's access to STEMM education has been a topic of discussion in recent years on worldwide platforms for action, such as the Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, 2030. Feminist research projects in India have produced suggestions to increase the involvement of women in science. In order to make science a more gender-inclusive discipline, gender-sensitive regulations are being implemented. The field of gender and science has opened up a whole new variety of options in research, policy-making bodies, international agencies, and non-governmental organisations as a result of the government agencies and several businesses implementing these projects. CGSCI is a programme that fits the ODL style both in terms of its outreach and content. It gives research academics, scientists, decision-makers, and development specialists a rare chance to critically engage with interdisciplinary subjects like gender and science. Taking all of this into consideration, the programme was created to provide a comprehensive understanding of gender and science by addressing fundamental ideas about gender, science, and technology as well as current policies, STEMM teaching, and programme implementation. With a particular focus on climate change, renewable energy, industry, health, agriculture, and ecology, this programme seeks to impart theoretical concepts of science from a feminist perspective, to enrich learners' capacities with regard to policies, programmes, and schemes related to women and science, and to enable learners to critically engage with societal-science approach in the area of science.

CGSCI Course Details

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Basic Course Information for IGNOU CGSCI Programme

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6 months


Rs. 2,500/- for full programme


10+2 or its equivalent

Course Details

IGNOU Certificate in Gender Science Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Dr. Sunita Dhal, Prof. Savita Singh


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