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Certificate in Geriatric Care Assistance (CGCA)

IGNOU Certificate in Geriatric Care Assistance programme details

A trained and qualified health care professional who typically works in a hospital, home, or old age facility and provides care to the elderly or old age patients is known as a geriatric care assistant (GCA). They may go by similar titles elsewhere, such as patient care assistants, geriatric nursing aides, or elderly care attendants. The program's goal is to create a pool of skilled workers who may be hired to support elderly patients and help other healthcare professionals, primarily in home and old age home settings (including assisted living facilities), rehabilitation centres, and occasionally in hospitals. There is more proof that geriatric care assistants are needed due to the rise in the elderly population and social constraints like nuclear families. Thus, the CGCA programme provides a platform for learning about the tasks and different care interventions that an aged patient needs. The program's goal is to prepare students to demonstrate basic geriatrics care skills such as assessment, patient positions, movements, facility/environment preparation, feeding, hygiene, grooming, dressing, bathing, and urination needs of geriatric patients, oral care, hair care, eye and ear care, skin, nail, and foot care of geriatric patients, to demonstrate skills in management of positions & pressure points, diabetes management, and dialysis management.

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