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Buy our Study Guides. Join the Online Course. Clear the UPSC Exams. Guaranteed.

200% Money-back Guarantee if you fail!

UPSC Guide Books with Simplified NCERT Notes, Tests, Videos & Solved PYQs

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Why do we trust our books enough to give a 200% Money-back guarantee?

The Gyan Ganga Series books are an all-in-one solution for UPSC Aspirants that contain Solved PYQs, comprehensive coverage of the entire UPSC Syllabus, Practice tests and also have the backing of latest technologies which have allowed us to accurately predict at least 60-80% of the questions that will come in the upcoming UPSC exams! Using AI, Machine Learning, & Natural Language Processing, we've compiled the extremely important questions & parts of your syllabus based on historical data from the past 30 years of question papers. 

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Top 10 Features
of the UPSC Guide Books


Solved Question Papers

Gain insights into the exam's most important questions and topics with 25+ years of solved question papers. All Questions appear topic-wise and all answers are written in simple language.

What UPSC Aspirants Say

Read what your fellow aspirants have to say about our Guide Books:

Abstract Background
Indu P.jpg

Indu P

Good book. The packaging was nice. Material is also nice. Questions are with solutions and their explanations. For topic wise sections there is video lessons also you just scan the code. Its is a well organized guide for UPSC.

Ashish Rai.jpg

Ashish Rai

It is wonderful book, I feel it better than Mrunal sir analysis book of Disha.
PYQ of Prelims and CSAT is divided into topic wise updated series and QR code is given with video lectures

Rekha Devi.jpg

Rekha Devi

A power house to crack the prelims, I am saying this because of its detailed explanation of question with videos.


Vivek B

Gyaniversity's book makes UPSC prep very easy. The cheat-sheet and quizzes are incredibly useful. I like the simple language used. Go for it!!

Buy worry-free with our

Why Choose Gyaniversity Study Guides?

Books from Gyaniversity Publications

Collection of solved PYQs from past 30 years.

Helps you study smart instead of studying hard.

NCERT Content re-written in simple English.

Realistic Mock Tests & Video Lessons.

Well-organised, mind-mappinghigh quality design.

Books from other Publishers

Unverified model answers leads to confusions.

Many Grammatical Errors, Spelling Mistakes.

Copy pasted content from NCERT study material. 

No interactive experience with quizzes, videos, etc.

Disorganized notes and cheap quality printing.

Pricing for Study Guides

Save up to 40% when you buy book set combos!

Soft Copy 

From 150

Hard Copy 

From ₹250

Buy Soft Copy Study Guide If:

You want an interactive online experience.

You read on a tablet / electronic device.

You want the book instantly after payment.

You don't want to print it or need a hard copy.

Buy Hard Copy Study Guide If:

You want home delivery.

You like to hold and read on paper.

You can wait up to one week for delivery.

You want a high-quality printed book.

Get these books for FREE with the online course!

Our Online Courses for UPSC contain video lectures, quizzes, mock tests, assignments graded by tutors, 40,000 topic-wise practice questions and a lot more so that you can learn effectively at your own pace without needing any additional help. The best part? Get our guide books (soft copy version) as part of the online courses for free! The online courses start from ₹999 per subject.

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