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Projects Money-back guarantee

Please read the below terms and conditions to learn more about the Money-back guarantee.

200% Money-back Guarantee if you buy our Project and still fail!

Eligibility, Terms and Conditions:

  • You must use the promo code "REWARD" while placing your order for project/dissertation. If you fail to add this promo code or add any other promo code, you will not be eligible to claim the reward.

  • You must provide proof that you have failed your project/dissertation. This proof would include providing your enrollment number, programme code, student ID card and a copy of your results / grade card.

  • You must provide proof that you have purchased the project/dissertation from our website. This proof would include the order number, email id and full name used while placing the order. The name on the order page and the name on your grade card / student ID card must match. If you have purchased the assignment from unauthorized sources apart from the website, you will not be eligible to claim the reward.

  • The date of the order must be at least 2 days prior to the last date of submission. Last date of submission is March 31 for July Session students and September 30 for January Session students.

  • You must provide proof that the project/dissertation you have submitted contains at least 75% content from Gyaniversity Publications and not your own or content from someone else. This proof would include a copy of your submitted project along with the receipt of the submission.

  • You will not be eligible for the reward if you have failed due to the additional content you have added.

  • Failing the project must not be confused with rejection of the project by the project supervisor. It is the students responsibility to make the small changes in the project synopsis and report to get it approved by the supervisor as we provide completely editable files. You are elgible to claim the reward if you fail in the final project that you submit to IGNOU in Delhi.

  • You must prove that the changes you have made and the final submission of the project has taken place by following the guidelines mentioned in your project manual. In case of handwritten projects, you must also prove that you have written the project neatly. Students who have not followed the instructions mentioned in the project manual and/or have written the project in an untidy manner will not be eligible to claim the reward.

  • These terms and conditions may be updated as per the discretion of Gyaniversity Publications. The most recent terms and conditions available on this page and our website would apply.

  • On fulfilling the above pre-requisites, students must provide all the information and documents along with their valid government ID proof and send an email to requesting the reward.

  • All rewards will be processed within 10 working days of a valid claim. 

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