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Which year IGNOU Assignment Should I Submit? 2020-21 or 2021-22?

This is the biggest question for all students. It can be a bit confusing so allow us to help you out and clear your confusion. IGNOU releases assignments based on the session you have taken admission in. Each assignment is valid for a specific time period and is applicable for a specific session student.

Below we have explained the step by step process on how to figure out which assignment you need to make and submit.

Step 1: Figure out which Session you are in.

To do this, you can click here and login with your enrolment number and programme code. If you only have your control number and don't know your enrolment number you need to contact the university to get your enrolment number as you cannot submit your assignments without out.

After you log in, scroll down to "Course Registration Details" and on the left you will be able to see the session you have registered. Take a look at the example below:

Step 2: Understand which Assignment Question Paper you need to solve

Following is a guide for you to know which question paper to solve. The following years will be written on your question paper. You can see the below explanation to figure out which one you need to write.

  • 2020-21: For July 2020 and January 2021 Session

  • 2021: For January 2021 and July 2021 Session

  • 2021-22: For July 2021 and January 2022 Session

  • 2022: For January 2022 and July 2022 Session

Check your question Paper and see if it has 2021 or 2021-22, etc. and choose the correct one based on your session.

Step 3: Get Solved Assignments or Handwritten Assignments Easily from Our website

You can buy Solved Assignments starting from Just Rs. 40 or Handwritten Assignments starting from just Rs. 450 from our website. You get guaranteed approval from IGNOU and we offer you a Rs. 4000 reward if you buy our assignment and fail! Click on the links above to learn more.

What if I am from an older session like January 2020 or July 2019 and my assignment submission last date has already expired?

In that case, always submit the most recent assignment available on the IGNOU website. Please do not submit the old assignment as its validity is over even though it was meant for your session in the past. Always submit the latest and current assignments if you have not submitted your assignment on time in the past. Don't believe us? Read this official notice from IGNOU on their website.

If you have additional questions, please comment below and we will do our best to help you out :)

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