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IGNOU Help Center is now Gyaniversity Publications

We are pleased to inform you that the name of our company has been changed from IGNOU Help Center to Gyaniversity Publications with effect from June 23, 2021. The change in name is the result of our new strategic expansion as we launch Guide Books / Help Books for all IGNOU Students. This change has gone through all the legal requirements and has now been accepted by the Government. They have updated the same in their records.

IGNOU Help Center or Gyaniversity Publications are not part of Indira Gandhi National Open University. This is a private organization established to help IGNOU Students.

What does this mean for you?

Our values and policies remain the same. We have re-branded the website and the mobile app so you might see a few updates. We have also enhanced the buying experience for all our products and services. You might still see assignments with our old branding "IGNOU Assignment Center" and "IGNOU Help Center" which will not be updated for the current sessions. All new assignments will have our new name.

Below is the list of the services we provide right now. Click on the links to view the enhanced buying experience!

We assure you that this rebranding will not affect or delay any current orders. However, from today, we will be using the new name for all our official purposes. Therefore, we request you to make a note of the change in the company’s name. You might

In case you have any doubt regarding this, kindly reach us at


Gyaniversity Publications

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