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IGNOU Exam Tips: How to pass IGNOU exams with good marks?

How to Prepare for IGNOU Exam:

Here, we have provided some best and easy tips that students can follow while preparing for the examination:

Choose Right Exam Centre:

First of all, choose the examination center which is strict and there is no copy case found in that center in the past. IGNOU Exam Centre selection also affects your marking in some cases. Do select only the nearest examination centre while filling the exam form because you won't need to waste your time in reaching to the centre.

Understand the Syllabus:

In order to accomplish any task, it is necessary to plan it strategically. The basic step for exam preparation is syllabus analysis. Students must be aware about the topics and chapters that will come in the examination.

In addition to the syllabus, students should also have the knowledge about the exam pattern. Exam pattern provides information about how any question will be asked in the examination, time duration, marking scheme etc.

Create a Study Plan:

By creating a study plan, students can do their preparations effectively. Make the study sessions as per the length of your syllabus.

Do not make long study sessions. Short breaks are also important during the study hours so don’t forget to include regular breaks. Be remembering that the time-table you have prepared should cover all the topics & chapters.

Must Read Section in the Books:

Read Complete Overview of your Study Materials (Block). You just need to read each sentence completely without any mistake and without skipping any point. There is no need to remember every point but if you read properly then you will remember everything which helps you in your exam while attending the questions.

Make a Habit to Solve Assignments:

GNOU Assignment of the current year or current semester. Try to solve each and every assignment given in the paper with the help of study materials. Note: Please do not copy the answer from online references. Just get help from references but write in your own language

Revise with Summary Notes:

The wide syllabus and content in text books make the students puzzled. It might be difficult for some students to study from text books.

To resolve this problem or for better understanding, students can prepare notes by their own. They can make short notes in easy language and can further revise them.

Take Care of Your Health:

You can do your preparations properly only if you are in good mental and physical condition. To keep yourself healthy and fit, eat healthy & balanced diet.

Do not take stress during the examination. You can relief your stress by exercising, playing and listening music. Yoga and Meditation is best for releasing the stress. Also, take a good sleep of 7-8 hours a day.

Take Regular Breaks:

You should have to take regular breaks in between your study. It will refresh your mind. Take fruits juice and water and take care of your health.

Time Management:

Make a proper time table for you study and follow it on the regular basis. Distribute the time according to your subject sections which you have to cover. Time management will be necessary for your study.

Explain Your Topics With Friends:

You can explain your topics with your friends, parents and others. It will help you to clear your topics. Make short notes and revise the previous year question papers. Keep trying to vary your revision techniques.

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