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December 2021 Exams starting in March 2022

IGNOU has finally released the notification with regards to the postponement of the December 2021 Term-end Exams. The official notification is attached at the end of this post.

The exams will be starting from March 4, 2022.

Top 5 important questions and their answers:

Q1: When will the date sheet be released?

Date sheet is not yet released (as on 13 Feb, 2022) and will be updated on the university website soon. We will also provide an update when the new date sheet is released.

Q2: Exams are starting so soon. How can I prepare and pass easily?

Study Guide books from Gyaniversity Publications are built especially for this purpose. The book's content is well researched and analyzed for the most repeated questions that have occurred in the past exams. This gives you a probability of 60-80% of questions that will come in your future exams for sure just by reading 100 small pages. Click here to learn more about the Study Guide Books.

Q3: When will we get the hall tickets?

Hall tickets will be available for download after 25th Feb, 2022.

Q4: Do I need to pay exam fees again?

If you have paid earlier, you need not pay again as the fees will be adjusted.

Q5: I was supposed to give the exam in June 2022. Can I give it now instead?

No, this exam is only for students who were eligible to write their exams in December 2021 TEE. June exams will be held as per schedule.

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