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Revolutionary NIOS Interactive Guide Books & Study Material

Gyaniversity Publications is excited to announce the launch of its new line of interactive guide books and study material for NIOS students. These books are not just your average study guides; they are a blend of technology and education designed to make learning more effective and engaging.

Main Features of the NIOS Interactive Guide Books

Lesson and Module-wise Important Questions and Answers

Our guide books are meticulously organized to provide important questions and answers for each lesson and module. This structure ensures that students can focus on crucial topics effectively.

Guidelines and Question Paper Pattern

Understanding the question paper pattern is key to success. Our books include comprehensive guidelines and patterns to familiarize students with the exam format.

Example Solved Question Paper with Answers

We provide example question papers with detailed solutions. This not only helps in practice but also gives insight into effective answering techniques.

Guess Paper: Most Important Questions

The guess paper section highlights the most important questions predicted for the upcoming exams, giving students a strategic edge in their preparation.

Animated Videos for Every Lesson

To enhance understanding, each lesson is accompanied by animated videos created by Gyaniversity Education, making complex concepts easier to grasp.

Online Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

Our online quizzes are a great tool for self-assessment, helping students identify areas where they need more focus.

How Can this new NIOS Study Material Help You?

This smart study guide is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and uses complex algorithms to predict the most important parts of your syllabus. This prediction is based on an analysis of historical data from previous year question papers and assignment question papers over the last decade.

Special Offers

  • Get the Books for FREE: Purchase its online course and receive the guide book for free! Click Here to Know More

  • Instant eBook Version: Get soft copies instantly for only Rs. 150.

Our Guarantee

Don't have time to study? Just reading this guide thoroughly can help you pass your entire exam! We're so confident in our books that we offer a 2x money-back guarantee if you fail your exam after using our guides. Terms and conditions apply.

Product Details

  • Language: English Medium Books

  • Book Type: Hard Copy Paperback (A5 Size)

  • Delivery Time: Standard Delivery in 6-8 days and Express Delivery in 3-5 Days.


Our NIOS all-in-one Smart Study Guide is more than just a help book. It's a comprehensive solution encompassing Guidebook, Guess Paper, Study Notes, Exam Notes, Previous Year Solved Question Papers, and Reference Books. Embrace the future of learning with Gyaniversity Publications!


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