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Master of Social Work in Counselling (MSWC)

IGNOU Master of Social Work (Counselling) programme details

Masters in Social Work (Counselling) would give both academic and professional education and training in Counselling, going beyond theoretical knowledge. This programme is made for counsellors who work in a wide range of organisations and communities, as well as for people who work with their families. People all over the world are facing a wide range of problems because of how quickly society is changing. Counselling services in India are not nearly as good as they are in the West. Counsellors are needed more and more in schools, businesses, health care settings, social and welfare settings, prisons, and other places. But there aren't many schools or universities in India that offer Counselling courses or programmes. There are good chances of getting a job in the government and NGO sectors. There is an urgent need for specially trained counsellors to deal with the stress of people who work in call centres, corporate sectors, families, family courts, correctional settings, school, universities, and educational institutions, rehabilitation centres, refugee camps, institutions for the differently abled, elderly, child care and adoption centres, family planning, voluntary counselling and testing centres, rural sectors, especially where farmers are driven to commit suicide. At first, the MSW(C) Program would be available at one or two study centres under each Regional Center. The programme can only be taken at special study centres or activated study centres set up by each Regional Center. This Program will only be given in English. For Field Work in the MSW (Counselling) programme, specialisation in counselling gets a lot of attention, and the practicum gets 40% of the weight.

MSWC Course Details

MSWC syllabus, fees, eligibility, programme co-ordinators, contact details, etc.





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Basic Course Information for IGNOU MSWC Programme

MSWC Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Medium of Instruction, Syllabus, etc.


English & Hindi


2 Years


Rs. 36,000/- for full programme


Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from a recognized University.

Course Details

IGNOU Master of Social Work in Counselling Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Ms. N. Ramya


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