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Certificate in Solid Waste Management (CSWM)

IGNOU Certificate in Solid Waste Management programme details

A comprehensive, scientific, and carefully thought-out environmental management strategy is urgently needed because waste management-related issues are numerous and intricately linked. Today, waste management includes the treatment, disposal, and recycling of garbage in addition to waste collection and transportation. Therefore, creating a knowledgeable and skilled staff is crucial to resolving these difficulties. India is also at its consumerist and economic zenith as a rising market. Waste creation is anticipated to rise significantly in light of this. Experts in this industry who can handle the trash produced by development projects in industries, mining, housing, urban areas, etc. are greatly needed. Indira Gandhi National Open University therefore offers certificate programmes in waste management in light of the situation at hand and anticipated demands in the future. In this curriculum, important waste management system components such the environmental, social, economical, and institutional aspects are covered in detail. This review of solid waste management also covers the state of the industry. The ability to comprehend waste management concerns and learn about acceptable and sustainable solutions, including pertinent waste management policy issues, will be provided to learners. The programme aims to educate students about the issue of waste generation and its effects on the environment and public health, to familiarise students with the country's current waste management laws, knowledge, and practises, and to equip students with the skills necessary to manage solid waste efficiently.

CSWM Course Details

CSWM syllabus, fees, eligibility, programme co-ordinators, contact details, etc.





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Basic Course Information for IGNOU CSWM Programme

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6 months


Rs. 3,600/- for full programme


10+2 or its equivalent

Course Details

IGNOU Certificate in Solid Waste Management Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Dr. Deeksha Dave

011-29571121, 011-29573380

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