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Certificate in Solid Waste Treatment Techniques (CSWATT)

IGNOU Certificate in Solid Waste Treatment Techniques programme details

The treatment and disposal of solid waste is a serious issue because of the rise in solid waste brought on by urbanisation, industry, and economic development. The development of appropriate and efficient waste treatment and disposal technologies requires further attention. The management of wastes properly is essential for both the protection of human health and the environment. Up-to-date information and efficient procedures are required to address the waste problem from the source of production through the treatment and disposal stages. It is intended for this programme and curriculum to impart knowledge of waste treatment and disposal technology. At the local, regional, and national levels, this initiative strives to create trained human resources in the area of solid waste management and technology. In order to take advantage of better work chances in companies, it aims to develop competences and professional abilities. It seeks to improve the knowledge and abilities of employees in a company who have not received official training.

CSWATT Course Details

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