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B.Com General (BCOMG)

IGNOU Bachelor of Commerce (CBCS) programme details

The program's primary goal is to equip participants with the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes they need to tackle the challenges presented by various facets of business and commerce. The programme places a strong emphasis on the development of skills in the areas of commerce and helps learners become self-employed as well as employable. The programme aims to provide commerce education to a large number of students spread across the nation, including remote areas and chosen abroad centres. Both the general public and the society's most vulnerable and marginalised groups are given access to commerce education. The multimedia and interactive teaching-learning system gives students the chance to learn at their convenience, giving them flexibility in their time and location. Accessibility and flexibility are two crucial aspects of the programme that give many diverse groups the chance to pursue an education via open and distance learning. The programme aims to improve students' managerial, financial, and accounting skills as well as their analytical abilities.

BCOMG Course Details

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