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Appreciation Course on Environment (ACE)

IGNOU Appreciation Course on Environment programme details

Everyone should care about the environment. Many people who have the advantage of education and are actively involved in their professions frequently have a strong desire to educate themselves on environmental issues, it has been noted. Additionally, they want to have a big say in how their neighbourhood manages its environment. These people occasionally lack the ability to recognise important environmental issues despite having an educated background because of disinformation or the abundance of knowledge on a given topic. They are occasionally duped by unfavourable misinformation. Due to these factors, the University and the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, Government of India, launched the Appreciation Course on Environment as a non-credit awareness course. The goals of this course are to increase awareness of environmental issues on a national and international scale, to foster environmental leadership among those who may organise or participate in environmental improvement programmes, and to increase environmental consciousness among professionals, academics, and other members of society who can actively participate in societal opinion-making.

ACE Course Details

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