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IGNOU June 2021 TEE Exam Dates Released!

Dear Students,

IGNOU has finally announced that the exams for June 2021 Term End Examination will be starting from 3rd August. The date sheet has not yet been released and shall be released soon. We will share that as a separate update as and when it is released. You can read the official notification from IGNOU at the end of this post.

Exams are for final year students of July 2020 session and ones who have missed their exams in previous sessions. Students of January 2021 session can give their exams in December 2021. Below is a breakdown of who will give the exams in August:

  • Bachelors Degree: 3rd Year Students (July 2020 Session and earlier)

  • Master Degree: 2nd Year Students (July 2020 Session and earlier)

  • PG Diploma, PG Certificate, Certificate: All Students (July 2020 Session and earlier)

Time to get ready and prepare for the exams!

Please note: It is important to submit all assignments before writing the exams. You can buy teacher verified solved assignments on our website. Click here to buy now.

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All the best! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us below.

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