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FREE UPSC Online Coaching for IAS Prelims & Mains (Mock Tests, Test Series & More)

Aspiring to crack the UPSC exams? Gyaniversity Education is your one-stop destination to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Examination with an array of free resources designed to empower your journey towards becoming an IAS officer. With a comprehensive suite of free UPSC mock test coaching, IAS test series for 2024, prelims, mains, and CSAT preparation, Gyaniversity is revolutionizing the way aspirants prepare for one of the most challenging examinations in India.

Free Online Courses & Coaching for UPSC:

The UPSC exam demands excellence. Gyaniversity's FREE UPSC Courses are meticulously crafted to guide you through the following exams:

  1. Prelims GS-1: Includes complete coverage of all modules and subjects for prelims. Comprehensive coverage of all subjects with a especially for prelims helps all aspirants prepare effectively.

  2. Prelims CSAT: Covers Comprehension, Interpersonal skills, Logical reasoning, Decision-making and problem-solving, General mental ability, Basic numeracy, Data interpretation.

  3. Mains GS-1: Detailed coverage of History, Indian Art and Culture, Geography for Mains.

  4. Mains GS-2: Includes all topics for Indian Polity, Constitution, Indian Society and International Relations for Mains

  5. Mains GS-3: Covers Ecology, Environment, Indian Economy, Science, Emerging Technologies, Internal Security and Disaster Management for Mains.

  6. Mains GS-4: A wholistic view on Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude.

  7. English Compulsory: Precis Writing, Paraphrasing Sentences, Parts of Speech, Wh-Questions, Conjunctions and Its Types, Articles, Prepositions, Sentence Sythesis Using "Too-too" Combination, Direct and Indirect Speech and a lot more.

  8. English Essay: Constructing Meaningful Sentences, Short Essay Writing, Long Essay Writing.

It doesn't just cover the syllabus; it equips you with the skills to confidently tackle exam questions. Here’s what the course offers:

  • Practice Questions from Mains PYQs (Previous Year Questions): Engage with quizzes based on actual Mains questions over the years to enhance your content knowledge and refine your answer writing skills.

  • Full-Length Mock Tests for Mains: Experience the real Mains exam environment to effectively strategize your time and effort.

  • Exclusive Online Course Discount: Completing all quizzes entitles you to a special discount code for our online courses, further aiding your UPSC preparation.

Why Choose Gyaniversity?

Completely Free

Yes, you heard it right! Our resources, including mock tests, quizzes, and comprehensive preparation materials, are completely free. Just register and create an account to begin your UPSC journey without any financial burdens.

Instant Results and Feedback

Receive immediate scores upon submitting quizzes, allowing you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement swiftly.

Detailed Explanations and Fresh Questions

Not only do you get the correct answers, but also detailed explanations to understand the 'why' behind them. With every quiz retake, you'll encounter new questions, ensuring a varied and thorough practice.

The Champion's Kit

Why is it Free?

At Gyaniversity, we believe in nurturing dreams and supporting goals. We offer thousands of free questions because we want every aspirant to have the chance to succeed, without the worry of financial constraints. We're here to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your dreams.

Gyaniversity makes learning simple, engaging, and effective. Register now for our Free UPSC History Online Course and take your first step towards achieving your UPSC dream. Let’s make history together!

Become Champion With the General Studies Champion's Kit

While our free course is a great starting point, the Champion's Kit is where your preparation gets serious. It’s designed to prepare you comprehensively for the Prelims, CSAT, and all General Studies Papers in Mains. It includes customised strategy & 12 month study plans, 13 guide books, 200+ video lectures, 400+ tests, 40,000+ practice questions arranged by topic and subject. If you like the experience of this free quiz, we guarantee you will love the Champion's Kit!