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Five Reasons you should do your distance degree from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Thinking of continuing your higher education? Well, you might be confused which university to go for. There are so many options out there. There are so many confusions out there! Many universities are not accepted internationally and you future plans for immigration might come to a standstill just because you chose the wrong institution. Here's ten reasons why you should choose Indira Gandhi National Open University for your distance education:


IGNOU is the largest university in the world

Founded in 1985, IGNOU has grown from a small university to the largest university in the world and claims to have over 40 lakh students.


IGNOU has government backing

You never have to worry about your degree being invalid or your university being shut down because IGNOU is the only university with government of India support. In fact, it is run by the government of India. Talk about government approved!


Degrees from IGNOU are recognized all over the world

IGNOU is recognized and approved by AICTE, UGC & DEC. The degrees provided by IGNOU are equally valuable and competent as those provided by any other regular universities of India


IGNOU is cost effective and affordable for people

Due to its cost effective value IGNOU has made it possible for people of all kinds to get a decent education. With prices starting from just INR 2,000 a year, getting a professional degree is no longer a dream. Thank you IGNOU!


IGNOU is flexible on time and is the best option for working professionals

Can't attend regular classes? No problem! Can't finish your degree in 3 years? No problem! Can't attend your exam in your session? No problem! IGNOU understand that people pursuing distance education have other commitments and they respect that. You can get full flexibility based on your circumstances when you pursue a degree from IGNOU.


Thinking of joining IGNOU? Check out the Student Support section in our website for all the information you need for your journey with IGNOU starting with the Admission Process.


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