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PGD in Educational Technology (PGDET)

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology programme details

Today, technology is an important part of making and sharing knowledge, and it's hard to imagine an educational setting without technology. Also, technology makes it possible for people to learn on their own and helps educate a large number of people. It also makes education better and gives students more power. So, international groups like UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning, as well as the governments of many countries, including India, agree that technology should be used in education. So, teachers and trainers need to be ready for this to happen. The Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology (PGDET) programme is offered to meet this need. It gets teachers, trainers, educational managers, and people who work on making educational software ready for learning processes that need to use technology.
The goal of this programme is to train teachers and other professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to set up teaching and training using the right technologies. The goals of the programme are to understand what educational technology is and how it is used, to choose and use technology wisely for pedagogical and managerial purposes, to learn how to use technology for individual and group educational practises, to use technology to create an inclusive learning environment, to integrate technology into pedagogical processes in ways that make sense for the context, and to design and develop educational technology.

PGDET Course Details

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Basic Course Information for IGNOU PGDET Programme

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1 Year


Rs. 6,600/- for full programme


Graduation in any discipline

Course Details

IGNOU PGD in Educational Technology Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Dr. Sutapa Bose, Dr. Ajith Kumar C

011-29572942, 011-29572940

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