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MA in Adult Education (MAAE)

IGNOU Master of Arts (Adult Education) programme details

This programme is for anyone who wants to start a career in adult education, or a field related to it. It is also for people who already work in a formal, non-formal, or informal institution. Its goal is to help people get better at their jobs and build their skills in the field of adult education and other related fields.
The goals of this programme are to give them a national and international view of different aspects of theory and practise in adult education, to improve their knowledge and understanding of policies and programmes for adult, continuing, and extension education, development, and welfare, among other things, and to give them a national and international view of different aspects of theory and practise in adult education. It also gives them a better understanding and set of skills for documenting, managing, and spreading knowledge and information about different aspects and processes of adult education. The goal is to improve their knowledge, understanding, skills, and abilities related to organising and managing an adult learning setup, and to give them the skills to involve the community in participatory planning, development, and transfer of curriculum, as well as training, evaluation, and research.
This programme helps them learn more about and get better at networking at the local, state, national, and international levels, which is good for their personal, social, and professional growth. It also helps them understand, appreciate, and promote the role of adult education in new social, political, cultural, economic, development, and other situations in order to make changes at the national and international levels.

MAAE Course Details

MAAE syllabus, fees, eligibility, programme co-ordinators, contact details, etc.





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Basic Course Information for IGNOU MAAE Programme

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2 Years


Rs. 7,200/- for full programme


Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University/Institute

Course Details

IGNOU MA in Adult Education Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Dr. M.V. Lakshmi Reddy, Dr. Elizabeth Kuruvilla

011-29572935/9868956537, 011-29572933/9868478942

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