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भारतीय कलगणना में प्रमाण पत्र (CBKG)

IGNOU भारतीय कलगणना में प्रमाण पत्र programme details

The National Education Policy-2020 emphasises the value of the learner's overall development. It is crucial for this goal to conduct an authentic study of India's rich legacy and knowledge culture. Without a chronological comprehension of India's illustrious traditions, no history can be written. However, the colonial perspective and the European chronology have overshadowed the history that has previously been documented. While the development of all ancient civilizations around the world has been significantly influenced by the chronological approach (Egypt, Babylonia, Indus Valley etc.). It disproved or rejected the ancient Indian writings' historical veracity. Ancient Sanskrit writings give detailed explanations of a number of "Kaal"-related topics. In addition to studying natural events from a chronology perspective, Indian sages also used closed 'time' as the foundation for their in-depth research. Both philosophy and science have examined this aspect of time from their own perspectives even in the present period. This quiz application will teach the veracity and objectivity of all Indian notions as well as time measurement. On the basis of a questionnaire, the science of time calculation will also be examined further. The development of ancient Indian astronomy will be demonstrated using verifiable evidence from India's historical chronology. The study of philosophy, theology, astrology, Vastu Shastra, Sanskrit, history, mathematics, physics, and astronomy, among other subjects, will be able to take on new dimensions thanks to this programme.

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6 months


Rs. 2,000/- for full programme


10+2 or equivalent

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IGNOU भारतीय कलगणना में प्रमाण पत्र Syllabus

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Programme Co-ordinator(s)

Dr. Soniya

011-29572784, 9718371370

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